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Rodney Weinman Catch a WeatherBug… is a brand owned by Earth Networks, based in Germantown, Maryland, that provides live weather data and maintains a mesoscale network of over 8,000 weather stations. Along with its weather station network, the company operates a dense lightning sensor network that uses broadband technology to constantly track total lightning in hurricanes.

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Broadband is a popular topic in the UK today. BT is in the news yet again – this time they’re trying to sell broadband directly to the public. Unfortunately, this gives the company an unfair advantage over other ISPs offering similar services. And while we’re on the topic of broadband, should the government intervene and use public funds to help boost broadband use? Some say yes – it worked in South Korea. Also in the news is a British startup called Jool. They’re offering Linux servers for sale, but they’re taking a new approach. Jool sells less “geeky” servers – you don’t need to have Linux skills to use their products. That’s good news for Web masters who want to spend more time on business and less time learning an operating system.

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Have you ever had a complaint? Of course you have – everyone does. But writing a good complaint letter is an art. You can’t just let your emotions run wild and dash off an angry letter. Today’s “10 Secrets for Writing a Complaint Letter” will help you understand how to write an effective letter that gets results. Also in today’s article is a new take on business security. Sure, you know all about hackers. But is someone diving in your dumpster after hours? Read on for more security holes that have little to do with firewalls and software updates! And finally, if you’re considering a new Web host (or maybe your first Web host), there are five key questions you should ask before you agree to any contracts. Find out what they are in “5 Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your Next Web Host.”

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BT in fresh broadband row
Will BT take over broadband in Britain? That’s the latest concern since BT launched a direct broadband product, which could put competing ISPs out of business and lead to a broadband monopoly.
Find a Solution!Solution providers with technology solutions for hardware, software, and more.
‘Schools must drive broadband,’ says expert
How should Britain proceed in its effort to bring broadband to the masses? Some experts say we should look to South Korea, where “the take-up of high-speed Internet services is the best in the world.” Experts believe that the British government should fund high-speed access to schools, plus invest in educational content to be delivered over the new broadband system.

Start-up offers Linux server for non-geeks
The least expensive Web server runs on Linux, without a doubt. And while Linux has had a few security problems, it faces nothing like the onslaught that Windows servers have faced recently. However, many Web masters don’t have Linux skills and don’t wish to learn. Jool, a UK startup, is now offering a Web server just for this audience. The server is completely open source yet hides the operating system from the user.

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10 Secrets For Writing Killer Complaint Letters
Complaint letters aren’t always fun, but sometimes they need to be written. In many cases, if people don’t complain, the problem agency at fault (i.e. company or government) won’t even know that the problem you and others may have experienced even exists. Ultimately, legitimate complaints, by even a few people, can (and often do) result in better service for everybody. Not only that, writing them can be personally beneficial too! 

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The Art Of Low-Tech Hacking
While some hackers work hard to break into networks, others take the easy route. They let the company and its workers hand over passwords, server details, and other information. Check out the article and you may find new security holes in your business that you didn’t realize existed!

5 Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your Next Web Host
1. “Where do you see your online business 1 year from now?” The reason for asking this question is because whomever you decide to use as a web host should have the ability to grow with you…


Freddy the Frogcaster’ for Kids to Catch the Weather Bug

Students catch WeatherBug

Kids catch WeatherBug at Centennial School in Mars

Courthouse square in Prescott. Gorgeous. Can you say #WhiteChristmas?! #weatherbug

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